Referral Program


Looking to raise money for your club, association, community centre, or public facility? Check out Rawhides’ Fundraising Referral Program!

How does it work?

Rawhides’ Fundraising Referral Program (FRP) is an easy and effective way to raise money. All clubs, associations, or public facilities are encouraged to participate, and $2 from each event ticket sale referred by you goes toward your fundraising efforts. At the end of the month, Rawhides mails a cheque with the total amount raised by your club/association/committee in that month.

What do you need to do?

Step 1: Fill out an application! Contact Rawhides to request an application or download an application form available on the Rawhides website. Return completed forms via email to [email protected] or drop off in person at Rawhides.

Step 2: Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll get an Event List from Rawhides. Share the Events List with all the participating club members so everyone knows the events and their specific details. The Rawhides Event List is always growing, so make sure you and your members keep up to date by checking the Rawhides website and Facebook page.

Step 3: Tell all your friends and family about the upcoming events at Rawhides, and specify that they MUST say they were referred by your club. From each ticket referred by you, the Rawhides staff will mark that $2 goes to your club. No referral……No money! Make sure those wonderful friends and family of yours let the Rawhides team know who they should send the referral dollars to!

Step 4: After each event has finished, total ticket referrals for each association, committee, or club will be tallied. Then, at the end of the month, an email will go out to the club contact, telling them how much your club earned and a donation cheque will be mailed out. If there are multiple events during the month, then the total referral credits for all events during that month will be added together onto the month-end donation cheque to your organization.

Step 5: Check out the Rawhides website to see how much money you raised and how much closer you are to reaching your fundraising goals for the year!

For example:

The Stenen Lacrosse team wants to raise money for a trip to play in a tournament in the USA. They call Rawhides, requesting an Events List. The list is distributed to all the team members, and they are told they can also find the list online.

The program is explained, emphasizing that for their team to get the money, their friends and families need to specify at the time of purchase that they want the Stenen Lacrosse team to get credit for the ticket sale. Without doing that, Rawhides won’t know who referred them and the money from those tickets won’t be credited to the Lacrosse team!

Johnny, a neighbour of one of the Lacrosse players, calls Rawhides to buy ten tickets for Rawhides Summer Fest. He mentions that he was referred by the Stenen Lacrosse team, and Rawhides credits the team for those tickets. The Lacrosse team just earned $20 for their trip!

Jeffrey’s son is on the Lacrosse team. When he buys his 8 tickets for the Double Vision Magic Show later that month, he also makes sure he tells the Rawhides staff that he wants to support the Stenen Lacrosse team. Another $16 goes to the team.

At the end of the month, an email goes out to the Lacrosse team coach with the team’s total earnings and a cheque soon arrives in the mail.

Interested in the Fundraiser Referral Program?

Call or email Rawhides today!

306-548-2009 or [email protected]